BIO-SYNERGY RESEARCH CENTER Development of BIO-IT convergence source technology to identify
the principles of natural compounding in the human body

Main Business

Modeling Virtual Human Systems

Development of technologies for MCMT prediction and interpretation of medicinal heritage efficacy based on virtual human body system

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Material Natural Product Materials

Development of generic technology for MC analysis of prominent medicinal heritage materials

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Targetting Molecular Target Discovery

Development of multuple molecular target investigation technology based on fusion biotechnology

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Marker Multi-Omics Bio-Markers

Development of tailored biomarker technology based on multi-omics related to medicinal heritage

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Clinical Trials Human Studies

Development of safety / efficacy verification technology for MCMT based on clinical trials

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Marker Multi-Omics

Marker 전통천연물 멀티오믹스 기반 맞춤형 바이오마커기술 개발/멀티오믹스 기반으로 바이오마커를 개발하고, 바이오마커 기반 정보 분석을 통한 질병-천연물 효능 평가 및 개인 맞춤형 진단 기술 개발

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