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전체 871건 현재 페이지 2/88

번호 논문명 학술지명 SCI 게재연월
861 Recent Advances in Target Characterization and Identification by Photoaffinity Probes MOLECULES Y 2013.08
860 2-Hydroxycinnamaldehyde inhibits the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT Y 2013.02
859 From noncovalent to covalent bonds: a paradigm shift in target protein identification MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS Y 2013.04
858 Optimization of Seoul-Fluor-based lipid droplet bioprobes and their application in microalgae for bio-fuel study MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS Y 2013.05
857 Synthesis of Molecular Frameworks Containing Two Distinct Heterocycles Connected in a Single Molecule with Enhanced Three-Dimensional Shape Diversity CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Y 2013.05
856 Exploiting the mechanism of cellular glucose uptake to develop an image-based high-throughput screening system in living cells CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Y 2013.06
855 Discovery of autophagy modulators through the construction of a high-content screening platform via monitoring of lipid droplets CHEMICAL SCIENCE Y 2013.08
854 Comprehensive genome- and transcriptome-wide analyses of mutations associated with microsatellite instability in Korean gastric cancers GENOME RESEARCH Y 2013.07
853 Time-dependent network analysis reveals molecular targets underlying the development of diet-induced obesity and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis GENES AND NUTRITION Y 2013.05
852 A nutrigenomic framework to identify time-resolving responses of hepatic genes in diet-induced obese mice MOLECULES AND CELLS Y 2013.07