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Bio-Synergy Reasearch Center with Medicinal Heritage. Investigating how natural complex works 
within the human body Discovering new materials for future-shaping healthcare.

Introducing the Project

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5th Human Studies

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Development of safety / efficacy verification technology for MCMT based on clinical trials

  • Objectives
    • Development of clinical trials technology based on cutting-edge fusion technologies including nutrigenomics, metabolomics, and system biology, for testing safety / efficacy of MCMT
  • Details
    • Standardization of MCMT specific verification methodology for clinical trials
    • Development of MCMT clinical trial models for chronic diseases that share the similar molecular mechanisms
    • Construction of international network for clinical trials, and verification of new genome-bio-marker panels based on the mass clinical trials
    • Verification of natural compounds efficacy that have been investigated by virtual human body model simulation system
    • Design of personalized nutrition / personalized food industrialization model based on sensitive genes for the disease, using the international networks
  • Process Orders

 Process Orders

  • Prospects
    • Development of tailored natural materials through verification of bio-marker batteries for genomes / metabolites of chronic diseases, establishment of standardized clinical trial techniques, and construction of mass production system of CTM (clinical trial materials)
    • With verified virtual human cell models, reduce cost and duration in developing MC/MT based tailored natural materials
    • Creation of new industrial engine by creating medicinal heritage based tailored nutritional / food production technology
    • Enhancement of national competency in biomaterial related industries by securing regional raw materials, according to biological sovereignty principle stipulated in the Nagoya Protocol