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Bio-Synergy Reasearch Center with Medicinal Heritage. Investigating how natural complex works 
within the human body Discovering new materials for future-shaping healthcare.

Introducing the Project

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4th Multi-Omics Bio-Markers

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마커 전통천연물 멀티오믹스 기반 맞춤형 바이오마커기술 개발

  • Objectives
    • Development of multi-omics based bio-markers, evaluations of disease and of natural compounds efficacy based on information gathered by the bio-markers, leading to the development of personalized diagnosis technologies.
  • Details
    • Construction of multi-omics based clinical DBs and development of bio-marker
    • Development of evaluation bio-marker for MCMT of medicinal heritages, and of tailored materials for disease prevention
    • Development of alternative toxicity tests for medicinal heritages
    • Discovery and verification of toxicity bio-marker for medicinal heritages
  • Process Orders

 Process Orders

  • Prospects
    • Multi-omics based clinical DBs, once constructed, can be applied to wide range of bio-industrial sectors from efficacy verification, activation mechanism research, animal models, to clinical trials.
    • Omics-based core fusion genome technology will impact general sectors of personalized bio-food industry.
    • Obtained source technologies and DB / Library will be utilized in vitalizing related industrial sectors, securing new markets and globalizing the products. Construction of fast toxicity test system will help in enhancing the competency of national enterprises.
    • Enhancement of the public health by creating natural materials suitable for Koreans.