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Bio-Synergy Reasearch Center with Medicinal Heritage. Investigating how natural complex works 
within the human body Discovering new materials for future-shaping healthcare.

Introducing the Project

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2nd  Natural Product Materials

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Development of generic technology for MC analysis of prominent medicinal heritage materials

  • Objective
    • Identification and standardization of bioactive MC materials from medicinal heritages, thus attaining global quality standards.
  • Details
    • Construction and utilization of Integrated Natural Produces HTS/HCS System, oriHTac, by integrating HTF, HCS/HTS, and HA-HR-MS, for the first time in South Korea.
    • Construction of Standard Medicinal Heritage Library: Preparation of herbal formulas, including those from the Dongeuibogam, which are frequently used in clinical experiences, and their fractional extracts.
    • Primary research objectives: Formulas of Socheongryongtang, Samultang, Taeeumjowitang, and medicinal heritages used therein.
    • Procurement of extracts their components: Isolation and identification of extracts from various herbal formulas of Dongeuibogam, and their effective components
  • Process Orders

Process Orders

  • Prospects
    • Establishment and standardization of Medicinal Heritage Library with identified effective components and markers, thus developing global botanical drugs and functional materials.
    • Establishment of Hit databank based on traditional medicinal information and cutting-edge biomedical technologies, thus constructing basis for global botanical drugs
    • Providing basis for scientific reinterpretation of traditional medical classics including the Dongeuibogam and development of modern medicine, and raising national status in the worldwide food and drug markets.