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Bio-Synergy Reasearch Center with Medicinal Heritage. Investigating how natural complex works 
within the human body Discovering new materials for future-shaping healthcare.

Introducing the Center

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Important milestones of Bio-Synergy Research Center with Medicinal Heritage

Since 2009~Now

  • 2013 11 Held Opening Ceremony
  • 2013 11 Entered into Semi-Project Agreements
  • 2013.11.05 Held the 1st Workshop for Research Executives
  • 2013.09 ~ 2013.10 Held contest and selected new research projects for the year 2013
  • 2013.08.20 Entered into agreement on project coordination between the Research Center and National Research Foundation of Korea
  • 2013.06 Approval (by MSIP, on June 24th) and registration (June 25th) of corporate body
  • 2013.03 Prof. Doheon Lee selected as Project Manager of Bio-Synergy Research Center with Medicinal Heritage
  • 2012.06 Announcement & enforcement of new Bio-Synergy Research Project
  • 2011.09 The Project passed preliminary feasibility test by Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  • 2009.10 ~ 2011.01 Planning research for Bio-Synergy Research Project, by the Ministry of Education and Science Technology(MEST)