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Bio-Synergy Reasearch Center with Medicinal Heritage. Investigating how natural complex works 
within the human body Discovering new materials for future-shaping healthcare.

Introducing the Center

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As the paradigm of biomedicine has shifted from treatment to 
prevention and management of disease, natural materials are now 
offering new opportunities for the industry.

  • As a differentiation strategy to advance strongly into the natural materials market, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Plan ning of South Korea has founded the Bio-Synergy Research Ce nter with Medicinal Heritage to converge rich knowledge of med icinal heritage with cutting-edge IT and BT technologies.
  • The objective of the Research Center is to develop source tech nology that can be used in investigating multi-component multi target activity of natural compounds derived from empirically pro ven medicinal heritage using cutting-edge fusion strategies of IT and BT, including virtual human body, system biology, multiple target molecular imaging, and multi-omics; and to discover new materials for future healthcare including botanical drugs and functional foods.
  • The center will devote itself in developing future planning source technology for revolutionizing of personalized biomedicine, and in securing public health and creating a new growth engine for the future. Thank you.

Prof. Doheon Lee Project Manager of Bio-Synergy 
Research Center with Medicinal Heritage