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전체 871건 현재 페이지 6/88

번호 논문명 학술지명 SCI 게재연월
821 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of alpha-Galactosylceramide Analogues with Heteroaromatic Rings and Varying Positions of a Phenyl Group in the Sphingosine Backbone JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY Y 2013.09
820 Total synthesis of eryvarin H and its derivatives and their biological activity as ERR gamma inverse agonist ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY Y 2013.09
819 Inverse Agonist of Nuclear Receptor ERR gamma Mediates Antidiabetic Effect Through Inhibition of Hepatic Gluconeogenesis DIABETES Y 2013.09
818 Measurement of Lipid Droplet Accumulation Kinetics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Using Seoul-Fluor ENERGIES Y 2013.11
817 Privileged Substructure-Based DiversityOriented Synthesis Pathway for Diverse Pyrimidine-Embedded Polyheterocycles ORGANIC LETTERS Y 2013.11
816 Synthesis and Library Construction of Privileged Tetra-Substituted Delta(5)-2-Oxopiperazine as beta-Turn Structure Mimetics ACS COMBINATORIAL SCIENCE Y 2014.01
815 Rational Perturbation of the Fluorescence Quantum Yield in Emission-Tunable and Predictable Fluorophores (Seoul-Fluors) by a Facile Synthetic Method Involving C-H Activation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION Y 2014.01
814 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of alpha-Galactosylceramide Analogs in Activated Microglia: Involvement of the p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway PLOS ONE Y 2014.02
813 Phenotypic Screening to Identify Small-Molecule Enhancers for Glucose Uptake: Target Identification and Rational Optimization of Their Efficacy ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION Y 2014.05
812 Impact of molecular charge on GLUT-specific cellular uptake of glucose bioprobes and in vivo application of the glucose bioprobe, GB2-Cy3 CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Y 2014.08