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전체 871건 현재 페이지 4/88

번호 논문명 학술지명 SCI 게재연월
841 Mapping biological entities using the Longest Approximately Common Prefix method BMC Bioinformatics Y 2014.06
840 TAKES: Two-step Approach for Knowledge Extraction in Biomedical Digital Libraries Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice N 2014.02
839 텍스트 마이닝 기반의 그래프 모델을 이용한 미발견 공공 지식 추론 정보관리학회지 N 2014.03
838 Isolation and Identification of an Autophagy-inducing Compound from Raphani Semen Natural Product Sciences N 2013.09
837 Curcumin enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis of breast cancer cells by regulating apoptosis-related proteins MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY Y 2013.11
836 Glionitrin A, a New Diketopiperazine Disulfide, Activates ATM-ATR-Chk1/2 via 53BP1 Phosphorylation in DU145 Cells and Shows Antitumor Effect in Xenograft Model BIOLOGICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN Y 2014.03
835 Nectandrin B suppresses the expression of adhesion molecules in endothelial cells: Role of AMP-activated protein kinase activation FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY Y 2014.04
834 Neuroprotective Effect of Chebulagic Acid via Autophagy Induction in SH-SY5Y Cells BIOMOLECULES & THERAPEUTICS Y 2014.07
833 Neuroprotective effect of Chunghyuldan from amyloid beta oligomer induced neuroinflammation in vitro and in vivo CANADIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Y 2014.06
832 Coriander Alleviates 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene-Induced Contact Dermatitis-Like Skin Lesions in Mice JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL FOOD Y 2014.06